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French, English, Arab

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Version : 2.0

Last updated on 3/16/2018

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French, English, Arab

Are you constantly late and tardily?
Do you spend precious moments awaiting your tram's arrival?
Then this application is for you!
The following application will now allow you to:
-To know in advance the regulated schedule of Trams dispersed throughout Casablanca or whichever station that is of your liking.
-To automatically detect your location and provide you with the nearest station, conveniently.
Regardless of your destination, be it Ain Diab, Sidi Moumen or Faculties, this application will be of a vital necessity for you!

Because time is money, you won't afford being late.
This application is not in affiliation with Casa Tramway nor with any of its partners.


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yaakoub aarab

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