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Casablanca confirms its model of intelligent and sustainable city by organizing the third edition of Smart City Expo Casablanca.

On the theme ” livable cities and urban social innovation “, the event held from 18 till 20 April in Hyatt Regency, will put the city of SHANGHAI in the honor, and will gather hundred participants to bring solutions to the urbanization of cities via innovative services.

Casablanca, Morocco – February 27th, 2018: through its approach of attractiveness “WeCasablanca”, The economic capital of the Kingdom advocates a model of intelligent, frugal, social and sustainable city. The city aspires to meet the needs of their citizens, by placing them in the center of an innovative reflection around the intelligent mobility, the urban planning and the green economy. To do so, Casablanca leans on the dynamism of its region: first national economic pole, main pond of consumption and employment in Morocco and a reference territory regarding transport infrastructures.

Example of successful modernization of the urban space in Africa, Casablanca is since 2015 the first city of the continent to be part of the network of 25 intelligent selected cities IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), the most important association of world professionals’ of digital and the information technologies. Strong of its pioneer role, the city benefits from all the assets to carry the values of Smarts Cities. In 2016 and 2017, the first edition of Smart City Expo Casablanca gathered more than 20 000 visitors, 168 participants, 92 cities and 110 exhibitors.

This year, Casablanca pursues its approach of innovation and organize from 18 till 20 April the third edition of Smart City Expo Casablanca.
The new edition of this symbolic demonstration will be dedicated to the theme ” livable cities and urban social innovation “. The event will propose subjects of reflection and exchanges around the sustainable development, the urban innovation and new technologies, but also around the civic technology, the citizen participation, collaboratives societies and public places.

During three days, Smart City Expo Casablanca will welcome 85 speakers around keynotes and plenaries and parallel sessions. Conferences led by experts and representatives of cities, companies, research centers, universities, governments and the most advanced international organizations will be part in the program, confirming the central place of Smart City Expo Casablanca in the reflection of Smart Cities in Africa.

This third edition will be articulated around two major events: Smart City Expo Casablanca, intended for the professionals, will expose and discuss the development of Smart Cities in Africa, whereas Smart City Connect Casablanca will propose a series of free events to raise general public awarness in Smart City.

Economic capital of China and twinned city since 1986 with Casablanca, Shanghai will be the guest city of this third edition. Modern, authentic and rich by its history, Shanghai, represents the prototype of the economic improvement of China, moved in a few decades from the status of developing country to the second world economic power. With Shanghai, Casablanca will be more than ever the place of exchange of ideas and sharing solutions to insure its development as African metropolis, sustainable and smart.


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