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More than an adoption of technology, digital transformation is an in-depth, structural and structuring process that affects all business lines and functions of the company (Marketing, Communication, Sales, HR, IT, Management). A real break with the existing, and a digitization of the business activity in all its dimension. It is especially a history of Strategy, Culture and especially of Humans, Technology is only the means.

This 2-day paid seminar deals with the generalities of digital transformation, provides broad visibility, and facilitates the decision-making of leaders and managers in relation to their respective functions, their different contexts and professions. A set of structured presentations, theoretical notions, case studies and Best Practices, as well as interactive workshops.


- Identify the evolutions and mutations (technological, behavioral, and economic), and detail the challenges of digital transformation

- Present the different evolutions of the functions (Marketing, Communication, IT, HR, Management) of the company, and the working methods and the key professions in the Digital era

- Operate disruption and innovation, and rethink its Business Model

- Present good practices in terms of driving a digital transformation

- Build on best practices and success stories from different contexts

- Contextualize the achievements to his problems and reflect

Program :

1) Mastering the Challenges of Digital Transformation
- State of the Digital World in the world, and by regions
- Technological developments
- Mutation of human behavior
- New economy

2) Adopt Innovation and Inspire Startups
- Types of Innovations
- Innovation Adoption Curve
- Lean Startup
- Digital First Culture
- Agility and the Test & Learn
- Thinking Design
- Open Innovation, Co-Innovation, CrowdSourcing

Workshop 1: Rethinking its Business Model; from the classic business model to the Lean Business Model

Workshop 2: Agility, moving from predictive to adaptive

3) Prepare your Digital Transformation
- Digital Transformation
- The Axes of Transformation
- Evolutions / Transformations of the different functions of the company
- The new skills and key professions of Digital
- Towards business convergence: SMarketing, DevOps, ...
- The risks to identify
- The change to drive
- the digital maturity
° Technological maturity
° The maturity perceived by the user
° Organizational maturity
° The different classifications and levels of digital maturities

4) Drive and Control your Digital Transformation
- Chantiers de la Transformation Digitale
° Leadership and Management
° Culture and Organization
° The Data
° Marketing and Customer Experience
- The steps of the Digital Transformation
to build
° Deploy

Workshop 3: Thinking Digital Transformation

Workshop 4: Plan Your Digital Transformation


- Quality of content and relevance of the concepts presented

- Global Reference Case Studies and Success Stories

- Interactive workshops and situations in favor of contextualization

- Expertise of the trainer and mastery of the subject

- The professionalism of a firm whose Digital is the main business

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