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According to the Dahir Law No. 1-84-188 of 13 Moharrem 1405 (9 October 1984) relating to the Urban Agency of Casablanca as amended and supplemented by the Dahir Law No. 1-93-323 of October 6, 1993, The Casablanca Urban Agency is a public institution with legal personality and financial autonomy and placed under the supervision of the Minister of the Interior and the financial control of the State.


Within the limits of its territorial jurisdiction which includes all the urban and rural communes of the Grand Casablanca Wilaya as well as the other areas included in the Urban Master Plan of Greater Casablanca, the Agency is in charge of:

• Carry out the studies necessary for the establishment of Greater Casablanca Urban Master Plan and follow the implementation of the guidelines defined therein;

• Program the development projects inherent to the achievement of the objectives of the Master Plan;

• Establish draft regulatory urban planning documents, including development plans and their by-laws;

• Give an assent to all subdivision, fragmentation, commercial, industrial or housing projects, which projects must be forwarded for this purpose by the competent authorities;

• Control the conformity of subdivisions, parcels and constructions in progress with the provisions of the laws and regulations in force concerning urban planning;

• Provide technical assistance to local authorities in urban planning and development as well as public and private operators, and at their request, in their development actions;

• Collect and disseminate all information related to the development of Greater Casablanca;

• Carry out studies of development projects and carry out any project of urban works or urban development on behalf of the State, local authorities and their groupings and public institutions;

• Acquire the land necessary for the carrying out of development operations with a view to their assignment to urban construction or restructuring programs;

• Carry out urban rehabilitation and renovation projects;

• carry out any real estate transactions related to its purpose;

• Take holdings in companies whose purpose is part of its activities;


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