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Last updated on 9/18/2017

Casablanca News is the first application to take care of Casablanca city news from all walks of life
It is indispensable to know the news of the city of Casablanca and its surrounding cities and small villages whether you are a resident of Casablanca or its visitors
The application provides a categorization and tabulation of news to quickly get the information required
The application provides important news-saving service for any period of time away from the latest news that automatically renews and deletes from it what the week passes
The application offers other small services such as prayer times, weather conditions today, where to go this evening and others
News sources are varied from newspapers, magazines, websites, official pages of the government apparatus, places of services, entertainment and others
We try as much as possible to serve you with documented news while avoiding the excitement, exaggeration and full commitment to the ethics of good society.


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