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Last updated on 3/15/2018

Discover Casablanca application is your companion and guide within the largest and legendary metropolis of Morocco: Casablanca the white city. The information is produced by locals Casablancais who suggest their advice for a Sunday Brunch, a cafe at the beach, a dinner in a restaurant frequented by locals and classified by specialty, a spa run by Asian, its exchange offices, weather and currency rates in real time etc ....

Receive promotions and discounts directly integrated by Shopping store managers, nightclub shopping malls, restaurants and hotels, airlines .... on your smartphone ...

Discover Casablanca informs you and geolocalises daily current or upcoming events, An indicator locates you on the map and geolocates points of interest around you

Receive recommendations and notices from locals on the Casa by night on its Mall, beaches, theme parks: restaurants, wellness centers, hotels, corniche, cinemas, golf course, its art deco heritage, its art galleries etc ...

Book directly without intermediaries through the platform your airline tickets, your hotel rooms, your car rental

You will not miss anything by receiving notifications that warn you of major events in the city of Casablanca.


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yaakoub aarab
yaakoub aarab

très bon application

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